Cara mudah menggunakan perintah cat

hjsplit[en]I wrote about command text “cat” in here. But, there is easier way to use cat. For example, you have three files that you want to combine into one mp3 file.

The steps are very simple.

  1. Put that three files into one folder
  2. Open the Terminal (Alt + Ctrl + T), open the folder you put in that three files.
  3. Type this command cat * > combine.mp3

You can change the file name as you wish. Simple, isn’t it?[/en]

[id]Saya sudah pernah menuliskan tentang perintah “catdi sini. Rupanya ada cara yang lebih mudah. Misalkan, Anda punya tiga file yang ingin Anda gabungkan menjadi satu file dalam format mp3.

Langkahnya cukup mudah kok.

  1. Masukkan tiga file tadi ke dalam satu folder.
  2. Buka Terminal (Alt + Ctrl + T), masuk ke folder yang Anda buat tadi.
  3. Ketikkan perintah ini cat * > combine.mp3

Anda bisa mengganti nama filenya terserah Anda. Sangat mudah kan? Selamat mencoba[/id]

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