Solusi freeze di Ubuntu (1)

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[en]Have you ever experienced a freeze on Ubuntu? That could be happened on every operation system. When one of your opened application suddenly freeze, but you can still move your cursor, there are two solution.

Solution 1.

Try to click the X mark of the application. But if by clicking the X mark your application doesn’t close or exit, try this next solution.

Solution 2.

  • Press Alt + F2
  • Type “xkill”, then Enter
  • Your cursor will change to X, then click on the freezing application.

Simple, isn’t it?[/en]

[id]Pernahkan Anda mengalami kejadian freeze di Ubuntu? Sebenarnya ini bisa terjadi di sistem operasi apapun. Kalau yang Anda alami adalah aplikasi tiba-tiba freeze, tapi kursor mouse masih bisa digerakkan, ada dua solusi ini.

Solusi 1.

Coba klik tanda silang (X) – kalau di Ubuntu 12.10 ada di pojok kiri atas. Kalau ini gagal, coba solusi berikut ini.

Solusi 2.

  • Tekan Alt + F2
  • Ketikkan “xkill”, kemudian Enter
  • Kursor mouse akan berubah menjadi tanda silang (X), tinggal klik di aplikasi yang freeze.

Mudah kan, selamat mencoba.[/id]

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