5-5-5 Challenge: Sudan

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5-5-5 2013 WWL

[en]It all started with a phone call late in the day. An unfamiliar voice on the other side instructed him to report to the office of the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) first thing in the morning. The next thing he knew, he was sharing a prison cell, unsanitary restrooms and a few pest-infested blankets with several other men. Philip’s crime: he is a Christian from a Southern Sudanese origin, working hard to bring hope to countless Sudanese through a ministry providing health services. Khartoum is the only home he has ever known, but the government deemed him a foreigner and thus unwelcome.

Circumstances for Christians in Sudan are deteriorating fast. In 2011 the country was listed 35th on the Open Doors World Watch List. In 2012 it moved up to number 16. In January 2013 Sudan moved up even further on this list, now filling the 12th position.

Since the secession of Southern Sudan in 2011, Sudan has made clear their intention to turn the country into a sharia state, in the process rooting out anyone who may delay them in reaching their goal.

On December 24, 2012, the pro-government newspaper, Akhir Lahza, announced a crackdown on non-governmental organizations following the listing of all who allegedly received funds from the USA.

These events highlighting the government’s political paranoia, received much publicity from the media. However, suffering almost silently at the same time is the Church. Open Doors is aware of several churches that have been demolished and ministries that were closed down as part of the government’s paranoia. Among those affected are two Presbyterian churches, an Episcopal Church, a Catholic Church and a ministry providing health services.

Source >> http://opendoors.org/

Although Islamic law has not yet been fully implemented, the government and society try to squeeze Christians in all spheres of life and the level of violence has escalated. Christians face growing threats and persecution from Muslim communities and Islamist government officials, yet the number of believers is rising. The independence of South Sudan means future instability for Sudan, with a huge loss of revenue. Christians are afraid the religious and ethnic cleansing will continue, particularly along the border with South Sudan.


  • Praise the Lord that the number of Muslim Background Believers in Sudan is rising.
  • For Christians in the disputed border regions, where churches and schools have been attacked.
  • Give thanks that Open Doors has been able to offer humanitarian assistance as well as discipleship and outreach training.

Source >> http://worldwatchlist.us/ [/en]

[id]Dimulai dari sebuah telepon di tengah malam. Di telepon itu ada perintah untuk segera melapor ke kantor Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) keesokan harinya. Berikutnya, yang dia tahu adalah dia sudah berada di sebuah sel penjara kecil bersama dengan beberapa orang lainnya, berbagi ruangan kecil, toilet kotor, dan selimut yang penuh dengan kutu. Satu-satunya kejahatan Philip adalah dia seorang Kristen dari Sudan Selatan, yang bekerja dalam pelayanan kesehatan. Khartoum adalah satu-satunya kampung halaman yang dia ketahui, tetapi pemerintah mencabut kewarganegaraannya.

Penganiayaan terhadap orang Kristen di Sudan bertambah dengan cepat. Di tahun 2011, negara ini berada di urutan 35 dari World Watch List. Di tahun 2012 menjadi urutan ke 16. Januari 2013 berara di posisi 12.

Sejak kemerdekaan Sudan Selatan di tahun 2011, Sudan semakin bertekad menjadikan negara ini sebagai negara Islam, dan menghapuskan semua pihak yang menghalangi.

Pada tanggal 24 Desember 2012, media massa yang pro-pemerintah, Akhir Lahza, mengeluarkan daftar NGO yang menerima bantuan keuangan dari USA.

Hal ini menimbulkan sikap paranoid pemerintah terhadap hampir semua NGO. Termasuk di dalamnya adalah gereja dan organisasi pelayanan kesehatan. Sehingga beberapa gereja ditutup dan dihancurkan, di antaranya adalah gereja Episkopal dan gereja Katolik.

Sumber >> http://opendoors.org/

Meskipun syariat Islam belum diterapkan secara penuh, pemerintah dan komunitas sudah mulai menekan orang Kristen dalam hampir semua aspek kehidupan, dan kekerasan terhadap orang Kristen semakin meningkat. Meskipun tekanan dan aniaya baik dari pemerintah maupun dari komunitas Muslim, jumlah orang percaya tetap bertambah. Kemerdekaan Sudan Selatan akan berakibat terhadap instabilitas di Sudan, termasuk berkurangnya pendapatan. Gereja di sana mengkhawatirkan terjadinya pembantaian etnis, khususnya di perbatasan dengan Sudan Selatan.


  • Mengucap syukur atas bertambahnya MBB di Sudan.
  • Bagi orang-orang Kristen yang hidup di daerah perbatasan, di mana keamanan menjadi masalah utama.
  • Mengucap syukur atas pelayanan Open Doors di bidang kemanusiaan.

Sumber >> http://worldwatchlist.us/ [/id]

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