Stories of literature evangelism (part 1)

Some years ago there was a paper shortage in the city of Teheran, in the country of Iran. During this time, Nassi, a young muslim, went to the market to buy cheese. When he made his purchase, the vendor, not having regular food-wrapping paper, wrapped the cheese in a printed page. This intrigued Nassi. When he arrived home, he carefully unwrapped the cheese and pressed out, the now-stained page.

Nassi began reading the soiled page. He showed it to his father, who suspected rightly that it was a page from a Christian Bible. The father warned his son against reading it or any other page like it. But the young man was throughly captivated by the message he had stumbled upon.

The next day, Nassi again went to the market, and back to the same food merchant. As discreetly as possible he inquired about the mysterious page, and was told that he would buy something else, there was more such “wrapping paper” he could have and read. So the young man bought some figs, which were wrapped in a printed page.

The next day he returned and bought some dates. The he purchased more cheese, and on and on this went for days, until Nassi had quite a collection of Bible pages which he kept hidden from his father. Naturally the pages were not in order, and offered only bits and pieces of information. This was frustrating to Nassi. So he searched until he found an entire Bible in the Farsi language. In just a few week, he was drawn to the Lord and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Source: Hoskins, Bob. 1997. All They Want Is The Truth. Florida: Book of Life International

The Bible is not just so much ink on paper. God’s Word is alive and the Holy Spirit is committed to accompany His Word wherever it goes. In this modern era, the Bible has transformed into more and more unique form, one of these are the digital form, that anyone can read from their mobile phone, their PC, and also via world wide web. It’s the reason I chose the literature ministry via this blog to share the Word to the world.


Jika tulisan saya berguna untuk Anda, bolehlah sedikit saweran untuk menyemangati saya berkarya.

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    All They Want is the Truth,  Bob HoskinsPage 40:  It was Sunday September 11, 1966. This was the day of our opening.Page 41:…our ministry was begun in the key city to the middle East, Beirut.The book copyright is 1985!! Hmmmmmm


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