GIMP: Retinex Image Enhancement

[en]What is Retinex? Retinex is an image enhancement tool that allows you to control contrast and saturation by using a scale and scale divisions to manage the outcome. How to use Retinex Image Enhancement in Gimp? It’s simple, because Retinex plug-in comes with the latest version of GIMP and does not require a download.


Step 1.

Open image that you want to enhance using Retinex

Step 2.

Duplicate the layer: Layer > Duplicate Layer

Workspace 1_002

Step 3.

Apply the Retinex: Colors > Retinex…

Workspace 1_003

Step 4.

Choose and set the Level, Scale, Scale division, Dynamic, as you like. Use the preview window to see the differences

Retinex Image Enhancement_004

Step 5.

Merge the layer: Layer > Merge Down

Workspace 1_005


[id]Apa itu Retinex? Retinex adalah plug-in di GIMP yang memungkinkan kita memanipulasi kontras dan saturasi warna dengan mudah. Karena Retinex sudah ada di GIMP versi terbaru, sehingga tidak perlu mengunduhnya.


Langkah 1.

Buka file gambar yang akan dimanipulasi

Langkah 2.

Duplikasikan layer: Layer > Duplicate Layer

Workspace 1_002

Langkah 3.

Jalankan Retinex: Colors > Retinex…

Workspace 1_003

Langkah 4.

Atur pilihan Level, Scale, Scale division, Dynamic. Bisa menggunakan jendela preview untuk melihat perubahannya

Retinex Image Enhancement_004

Langkah 5.

Gabungkan layer: Layer > Merge Down

Workspace 1_005



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