5-5-5 Challenge: Pakistan

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5-5-5 2013 WWL

[en]One year later, Selina* still wonders if her father will come home. He disappeared while on a ministry trip and there has been no news since. Some local Christians claim to have had dreams that he will come home, others that he was killed and yet others say that those who took her father away will come back for other members of their secret churches.

Selina’s father, Brother Quornelius,* was delivering materials and care packages to his secret believer brothers and sisters when he was kidnapped in a remote area of Pakistan. That was the second time within a month, but this time he did not return. Nor was any information received as to his whereabouts, except for threats that he would not be the last. Working as a pastor for the Secret Church carried with it certain risks and danger. In her 20 years of life, Selina always knew that when her father left, it could be the last time she saw him, or that he might be badly injured the next time she laid eyes on him.

Every so often she gazes out of the window. “Abu Ji does not even know where we are,” she thinks to herself. She and her family have been relocated several times to protect them and keep them safe. But she fears that if they hide too well, then her father, if ever released, will be unable to find them. ‘But this puts you at risk’, a church elder had explained to her.

Please pray for Christians like Selina in Pakistan who have lost their loved ones in the face of persecution.

*) Name changed for security reasons

Source >> http://opendoors.org/

Christians are caught between Islamic militant organizations, an Islamizing culture and a weak government with a military complicit in fuelling Islamic militants. The Rimsha Masih case prompted a debate on blasphemy laws, but others still face charges and extremist groups continue to incite hatred for Christians. Many persecuted Christians are uneducated manual workers who suffer unfair treatment from employers. Muslim men continue to sexually assault underage Christian girls. Opening a new church building is virtually impossible and emigration of Christians continues.


  • Praise God that the laws of Pakistan give Christians considerable freedom to run established churches
  • Give thanks that the Christian population is growing and a steady but significant trickle of Muslims are joining churches
  • For imprisoned Christian Asia Bibi, sentenced to death on blasphemy charges.

Source >> http://worldwatchlist.us/ [/en]

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