Stories of literature evangelism (Part 3)

Why literature ministry?

First, much of the world was emerging from illiteracy into a newly-discovered literacy which created in people desire to study. This was especially true in the Middle East, where the people would study Communism, Jihad, or the Bible, depending upon which type of material was available. In recent years, the drive of literacy has accelerated all across the globe. People everywhere will accept whatever kind of literature they can get — whether it is of God or of the devil!

Second, the literature (printed and digitalized) can be distributed through the government-operated postal system. In the Arab world, literature went where missionaries and national preachers could not visit.

Third, literature not only can reach, it can teach. Students learn step-by-step are satisfied. Books, too, can promote steady spiritual growth when they are used as supplements to the Bible. Testimony and teaching literatures help to contemporize the Bible’s message, and clarify difficult doctrines. They are, in a sense, “paper or digital” pastors!

Fourth, tract, books, study courses, blogs, tweets, and other literatures all have the psychological advantage of promoting anticipation and expectation. Each one is like a continued story segment — “Don’t miss the next thrilling episode!” And finishing a book, a course, or a series of lessons is like having climbed a mountain. It gives a sense of growth and attainment. Also, literatures provide a sense of ownership, making a person’s faith more his own, as well as providing immediate access to a wealth of substantial helps.

Source: Hoskins, Bob. 1997. All They Want Is The Truth. Florida: Book of Life International.


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