Stories of literature evangelism (part 2)

In Laos, during the final days of the French involvement there, an interesting chain of events took place. A French missionary in the area had areal burden to reach the tribes in the remote mountain regions, but because of Communist insurgents, he could not reach them.

One day as he was driving along a street in the capital of Laos, he saw some men from a couple of the tribe he had hoped to reach. They were recognizable in their dress. He stopped and tried to converse with them in French but they didn’t speak French. So, through gestures and facial expressions, he convinced the to get into his jeep and come with him.

The missionary took the tribesmen to his home, gave them some food, and then gave them a French New Testament along with some other pieces of Christian literature, even though he knew they probably couldn’t read any of it. After enjoying the missionary’s kindness and hospitality, the tribesmen returned to their mountain village.

One of the tribesmen, upon his return to his village, gave his Christian literature to the only person in the village who could read — the village witch doctor! The witch doctor had learned to read and speak French at a government school.

Seven years later, there was a truce between the Communist insurgent and the French. This made it possible fo the missionary to visit the mountain area he had always wanted to reach with the gospel. He traveled for three days, first by train, and then by horseback, to reach the remote tribal areas. He was astonished by what he discovered.

Seven years earlier, after the witch doctor had read the Christian literature, he accepted Christ as his Savior. He didn’t keep this to himself. He began to share his new life with others in the village. As their witch doctor, he was respected, and they listened to him night after night as he read from the literature. As a result, all 57 adult villagers came to know the Lord as their Savior.

Not long afterward, some of those who had been converted to Christ said, “What about the village next to ours? Those people haven’t heard this message yet.” So they went to the next village and told the people there about Jesus. When the finished there, they went to another village, and then another, and another.

An so when the missionary arrived he discovered eleven remote villages where the gospel message had reached, and 748 new Christians among the tribesmen. The had no fancy church buildings, no powerful preacher, no daily television or radio programs, just one French Bible and a few pieces of Christian literature. From His Word they knew that the God who had created all things sent His Son to earth. The knew the Son of God had died in man’s place and had been raised from the grave. They knew the apostle John had declared, “Whosoever believeth in Him (Jesus) should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Source: Hoskins, Bob. 1997. All They Want Is The Truth. Florida: Book of Life International.


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