Repaying evil with good

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Akhaya and Sudhamani are Christian farm workers in Orissa, a state in India. They have three daughters and one son. Their 10-year-old daughter, Namrata, taught the world a lesson about forgiveness when her story was in the news.

Radical Hindus in Orissa recently attacked Christian families and property. When the violence began Akhaya and Sudhamani left their home, a wooden shack, to hide in the forest. They sent Namrata and their other children to hide with their oldest daughter Trusita. Truista worked as a live-in housekeeper for a Christian family. Radical Hindus attacked the house. The children hid in a bathroom. The Hindus left, but they put a bomb in a dresser drawer on their way out.

The Christians left the house after the attackers were gone, except Namrata. She was curious and wanted to explore the damages. The bomb exploded and Namrata got hurt. Akhaya and Sudhamani returned the next day. They took Namrata to the hospital where the doctors helped her heal.

Many other Christians were hurt in the Orissa attacks. The Hindus brought them trouble, pain, and sorrow. No one would have blamed Namrata if she chose to be angry and miserable.

She chose another way. ? We forgive the Hindu radicals who attacked us, she said. ? They were out of their minds. They do not know the love of Jesus. For this reason, I now want to study so that when I am older, I can tell everyone how much Jesus loves us…. I feel very loved by the people of India and by so many people in the world who have … prayed for me.

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